Art Exhibition

Spent a lovely morning at the Civic meeting the children from Timothy Hackworth School who had come down to take part in a poetry workshop on the theme of a ‘Secret Garden’ as a follow up to time spent earlier creating the gardens you can see in the photos.  Unfortunately, St John’s couldn’t make it due to a sudden thunderstorm.  The project was led by the art department at Sunnydale, and I am sure it means that the transition to secondary school will be much easier for these children as a result.

The children were able to view the outstanding art work on display which represents a small part of the examination pieces completed by students at Greenfield School for their Art GCSE. They and their teacher should be truly proud of what they have achieved.  The work on display was mostly completed by students based at the Sunnydale campus.  My sincere congratulations go to Laura and her students.  Some of the photographs were absolutely stunning.


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