Wind Farm Working Group

The Wind Farm Working Group met yesterday.  It was really fruitful, coming so soon after the TICTAC exhibitions in Sedgefield and Mordon.   I think we’ve put together a really good document laying down what we think needs to go into E-On’s scoping report for the Isles wind farm.  It’s great to see so many people from communities across Durham coming together like this to protect the county from inappropriate developments.

Shildon People’s Centre

I really enjoyed visiting the People’s Centre in Shildon this morning. I was made really welcome – but I think that’s probably because I got stuck into the washing up!!! The food there is fantastic and it’s really central to Shildon.   It’s a pity that, as a charity, it cannot advertise itself as I think lots of people would love to meet there to read the papers and have a chat and a home cooked meal.

Durham Big Meeting

Had a fantastic time at the Miners’ Gala on Saturday – John’s mum was thrilled that we went as his dad and grandad were both miners.  It felt really energised, and I for one was excited that Ed Miliband came along and spoke.  I’d love to know what he meant about backing clean coal and what that might mean for County Durham.  The Spanish miners made me think back to the miners’ struggles here in the 1980’s – about fighting to keep their communities alive.  I suppose that is what the Gala is all about.

I loved hearing Tom Watson and I’m going to have to get a ‘I still hate Thatcher’ t shirt myself.

Trish with the union banner

Trish and the NUT Banner

Me too!