Shildon Remembrance Day 2016

I think this will probably be my proudest day as mayor of Shildon.  So many people turned out to honour those who died serving our country, or were injured both physically or mentally, as well as those who are serving today.  It was a great honour that Olga was there to lead the laying of the wreaths and to have John with us together with our friends from the recently revived British Legion branch in Shildon.  It was wonderful to see so many children there from the rainbows, brownies and scouts.  My thanks go to everyone involved including the representatives of our local churches and the bugler from the Salvation Army.


Tesco to the Rescue

How fantastic are the Tesco store manager and staff?  Shildon Alive said they were getting short of food in the food bank – and straight away they offered to hold a food collection in the store at Tindale.  They did all the organisation and most of the work – and in a day they collected all the items you can see and more!  Over 360 altogether.  And they delivered it all to us this afternoon.  Now all we have to do if the same thing happens again is tell them and they’ll do their best to help.  It really makes you feel that there are people – and companies – out there who really care.


Tea in Hackworth Park And The Flying Scotsman

As part of an amazing day yesterday, a group of mayors and their consorts and other invited guests, including Lord and Lady Derek Foster  and MP Helen Goodman, attended a civic event – ‘Tea in the Park’ – at Hackworth Park in Shildon.  We had tea in the Rest House provided by a wonderful local firm, and listened to the Durham Constabulary Brass Band performing in the band stand in the park, which looked at its stunning best.  Afterwards we all decamped to Locomotion for individual explorations of the site and visits to the Flying Scotsman.  I might have known though – Anthony Coulls and Locomotion manager Gary Campbell ambushed us and gave us the guided tour and access to the Flying Scotsman in all her glory.  I cannot thank everyone at both the Town Council and Locomotion for helping me to show Shildon off at her very best and  making this such a wonderful day for everyone.

The Flying Scotsman is Back

The world’s most famous train is back in Shildon and she has brought her friends.  There is something for everyone of all ages – but please remember that there is no parking on site except for blue badge holders and people who book and pay in advance.  Please don’t forget you can get a free bus from the Timothy Hackworth (far) end of the Locomotion site and visit the town to join the celebrations there which are taking place from 10.00 – 4.00 today.  There’s a brass band in Hackworth Park (2.00 – 4.00) and events in the Town Square, the library, Shildon AFC and St John’s Church.

Thornhill Primary School

Henry Nicholson is a governor at Thornhill as well as my fellow county and town councillor in Shildon.  We visited the school as we were able to use some of our funding as county councillors to support the annual Thornhill visit to Patterdale in the Lake District.  The pupils clearly had a tremendous and valuable experience participating in amongst other activities, kayaking, climbing, abseiling and gorge walking.  They told us that they enjoyed everything, but the gorge walking was the best!  As a former teacher and Gold Duke of Edinburgh leader, I know just how valuable outdoor education is for building confidence, self-esteem and resilience.  Incidentally, pupils at the school made the banner themselves.  Isn’t it beautiful!


Art Exhibition

Spent a lovely morning at the Civic meeting the children from Timothy Hackworth School who had come down to take part in a poetry workshop on the theme of a ‘Secret Garden’ as a follow up to time spent earlier creating the gardens you can see in the photos.  Unfortunately, St John’s couldn’t make it due to a sudden thunderstorm.  The project was led by the art department at Sunnydale, and I am sure it means that the transition to secondary school will be much easier for these children as a result.

The children were able to view the outstanding art work on display which represents a small part of the examination pieces completed by students at Greenfield School for their Art GCSE. They and their teacher should be truly proud of what they have achieved.  The work on display was mostly completed by students based at the Sunnydale campus.  My sincere congratulations go to Laura and her students.  Some of the photographs were absolutely stunning.


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Opening The Renovated Town Square

What a beautiful morning to reopen our renovated Town Square.  We were delighted that Deputy Chair of County Durham, Mike Dixon, and his wife Mary, came to Shildon to cut the red ribbon and declare it open once more.  The County Council have pulled out all the stops to complete the work on time and we are very grateful to them.  In attendance were County Councillors Henry Nicholson and Brian Stephens and myself, as well as the leader of the Town Council, Allan Walker.  A big ‘thank you’ goes to Harry, who presented flowers to Mary and did a stint of watering.  It is wonderful to be able to see the statue of Timothy Hackworth clearly as he is no longer overshadowed by the canopy that until recently made it almost impossible to see him.

Good Use of County Councillors’ Budget

People in Eldon have been having a hard time with speeding traffic down at the cross roads so they asked us for help to get some new road markings and a flashing speed sign to try and slow the traffic down.  I know how bad it is as I was leaving the community centre myself and nearly got wiped out by a Jaguar that came haring down from Close House and didn’t even attempt to stop.  I had to use my emergency stopping skills which I can now happily tell you are still working!!!  Otherwise, John and I wouldn’t be here today.  Henry and I were delighted to use £2000 of our councillors’ budget to pay for the flashing sign and to have it installed.  Well done to Diane and everyone on the Eldon Parish Council for sorting this out!!!

flashing sign