Teen Spirit “Rainworks” project

Proud to help with this project.

Durham County Council’s Civil Contingencies Unit (CCU) teamed up with St John’s Church Youth Group, ‘Teen Spirit’, for the first Rainworks project in the UK.

The project was part of a wider initiative, which aims to help people to be prepared in case of an emergency situation, such as flooding and severe weather.

It started with an information session covering topics like emergency plans for your home, sandbagging and what to have in a bag ready to grab in case of an emergency.

The sessions were also aimed at encouraging the young people involved to pass on the information they learned to friends and families to reinforce the message that it’s good to plan ahead.

As part of the Rainworks project, the CCU and youth group created stencils and used waterproof spray to write ‘Today’s Weather Rain’ on the pavement outside the Shildon Alive Hub on Church Street. The words will appear on the pavement when it rains.

Teen Spirit

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